Basic overview of the Creepy Pasta Map

The Creepy pasta map has been created to go in conjunction with the very popular creepy pasta mod. The map is also know as escape the jeff mod, the whole aim of the map is simply to escape the creepy pasta non player character added by the mod. To play this mod you will also need the creepy pasta mod so you can download it here. Word of warning you will die a lot during this mod so be prepared to get annoyed!  Whilst playing the mod make sure you pay attention for signs as they will give you little tips, along with books and journals.

Creepy Pasta Map Showcase:

How to Install the Creepy Pasta Map:

  • Download the Creepy Pasta Map
  • type %appdata%
  • open the .minecraft folder
  • open the saves folder
  • drag in the creepy pasta map
  • enjoy!

Download the Creepy Pasta Map: