Basic overview of the Halo Mod:

The Minecraft Halo Mod is an amazing modification that is being developed by a very experienced team and aims to bring you the best Halo experience ever! This mod is compatible with all versions of Minecraft and is available for client and server. As said previously, this mod is still a work in progress and that moment only has a few features. However it is promising to know that the team have highlighted all of the features they wish to add into the mod this year. So for the best Halo experience ever, get this mod.

Halo Mod Video Showcase:

Key Features of the Halo Mod:

  • You can now pick up a plasma pistol in your Minecraft game just like in HALO.
  • Some more weapons include the Assault Rifle, Magnum and Combat Knife.
  • Also available is plasma, a plasma block and refined plasma.
  • The team plans to implement all HALO features in this mod but as of yet it is a work in progress.

How to Install the Halo Mod:

Download the Halo Mod