Basic overview of Minecraft Forge Mod:

In the earlier days of Minecraft, no pre-required installations were necessary. However, as we all know, improvements are gradually made over time. This is true to anything, but especially to Minecraft modding. The extensive improvements of modding, in regards to reliability, compatibility and complexity have paved way for a need for prerequisites.

How to use Minecraft Forge Mod:

At first the answer was Modloader, but the most recent update for Minecraft Forge not only improved how compatible Minecraft was, but it also improved overall game performance and enhanced other internal functions.

To ‘use’ Minecraft Forge is misleading. Minecraft Forge allows you to use other mods that without it you would not be able to do so. Once you have installed Minecraft Forge, you then need to follow your desired mods installation instructions. Minecraft Forge also improves overall game performance too.

Note that Minecraft Forge is not required by all mods, but it is recommend that you install it regardless as it if you want to enjoy most of the modding communities work, then this will be a necessary step that you have to take. At times, the installation of Minecraft Forge will allow you to access further features of a mod that without it would be unavailable. It is also recommend that you download Forge with a fresh Minecraft.jar, just to be safe. I personally recommend that when you begin tampering with your save file to back it up, if you do not then you run a risk of corrupting your save file and then being unable to regain it.

Minecraft Forge Mod Installation Video Showcase:

This screenshot is included to show anti-forge players the complexity you can achieve with the help of Minecraft Forge. This screenshot is showing the Assembly Line mod, which relies on the Forge to achieve its full potential.

Minecraft Forge


How to Install Minecraft Forge Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge for your desired Minecraft version
  • Go to the following location: %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin and open your Minecraft.jar with WinRar.
  • Open the previously downloaded Minecraft forge zip file.
  • Drag the contents of the Minecraft forge zip file into your Minecraft.jar. and launch then you are done!
  • You can then select the mod you want to download and enjoy!

Download Minecraft Forge Mod for Minecraft